Naviance Information

Naviance is a way for West Essex to personalize the approach to each student’s success with a premiere platform for course, college, and career planning. Naviance consists of several tools used for planning coursework, researching colleges, and exploring careers. These applications are used at the school and district to promote college and workplace readiness. Naviance provides students with the framework to direct their own education, establish long and short-term goals, and plan for post secondary success. Naviance allows each student to create a personalized success plan.

Naviance believes that every student has the potential for academic and post-secondary success and that every student deserves an individualized success plan that connects their learning to meaningful personal goals. Naviance is a suite of products and services that help K-12 schools and districts implement this vision.

PLEASE NOTE: Every student at West Essex is provided with his/her very own individual log in and password to access Naviance.

Each year, beginning in September, college admissions counselors visit the high school providing to our students information about their school. Juniors and Seniors can sign up through their Naviance account to sit with the representative and must also bring with them a signed pass (signed by the teacher of the class the student is missing to attend the session). Please click here for a copy of the pass and bring it with you to the information session.

Please follow the links below to sign into Naviance:

West Essex Regional High School

Teachers please click here to access Naviance Succeed sign in page.