District Evaluation System

In accordance with the state requirements outlined in the AchieveNJ initiative, the West Essex Regional School District adopted a new teacher/principal evaluation system back in 2012. To oversee the development and implementation of the new evaluation system, West Essex created a District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC) that represented all of the stakeholders involved: teachers, building administrators, district administrators, parents, and the Board of Education. Although the DEAC was no longer needed after the 2017-2018 school year, School Improvement Panels (ScIP) at both the Middle and High Schools continued to meet. ScIP responsibilities include: ensuring that evaluation procedures are properly implemented, identifying PD opportunities for staff members, and overseeing the mentorship of new teachers. The ScIPs meet independently in their respective buildings and jointly as a district.

As of 2018, the following state-approved rubrics are used to evaluate West Essex staff:

  • Danielson Framework for Teaching (2013) for Teachers
  • New Jersey Principal Evaluation for Professional Learning (NJPEPL) for Principals
  • Multidimensional Leaders Performance Rubric (MLPR) for Assistant Principals
  • New Jersey School Counselors Association (NJSCA) for Guidance Counselors
  • West Essex/Danielson Customized Rubric for Case Managers
  • ASCD Nurse Rubric for School Nurses
  • Athletic Trainers' Society of New Jersey (ATSNJ) for Athletic Trainers

The district utilizes the Genesis Employee online platform to manage all aspects of the staff evaluation process including observations, SGOs, PDPs, and summative evaluations. 

Below are the state's Evaluation Component Weights for 2018-2019:

Type of Educator Evaluation Component Weights
mSGP Teachers
(MS ELA Teachers, Grade 7 Math Teachers)

  Teacher Practice: 70%
  SGO: 25%
  mSGP: 5%

Non-mSGP Teachers   Teacher Practice: 85%
  SGO: 15%

mSGP Principal/Assistant Principal
(MS Principal and AP)
  Principal Practice: 70%
  Administrator Goals: 10%
  SGO Average: 10%
  mSGP Average: 10%

Non-mSGP Principal/Assistant Principals
(HS Principal and APs)
  Principal Practice: 80%
  Administrator Goals: 10%
  SGO Average: 10%

Complete details on all of the latest revisions to AchieveNJ can be found on the NJDOE website at