Bylaws, Policies & Regulations


The Board of Education has authorized the Superintendent to promulgate administrative regulations except where approval by the Board is required by statute or administrative code for the orderly operations of the West Essex Regional School District that are binding on all pupils, employees, and visitors to the district.

These administrative regulations are intended to give direction to staff members in carrying out Board policies, statutory mandates, and contractual obligations. The operations directed by these regulations should be efficient, amenable to assessment, and considerate of the needs and rights of pupils and employees. Any suggestions for additions or improvements that help attain these objectives are welcome.

These policies/regulations apply to the entire school district. Principals may establish additional rules as necessary to apply these regulations to their school, provided that school rules do not exceed the authority set forth in these regulations.

These regulations will be made available to each employee. Employees and pupils who violate these policies/regulations are subject to disciplinary action.