The mission of the West Essex Science Department is to:

  • Inspire a love of science and motivate more students to pursue a science-related career.
  • Provide student-centered lessons and hands-on activities that demonstrate and reinforce the concepts.
  • Offer a wide selection of challenging courses that require students to think critically, problem solve, and apply scientific content and knowledge.
  • Create opportunities for students to engage in real-world science exploration and application through activities such as projects, field trips, and competitions.
  • Promote the use of technology and infuse it throughout the curriculum.
  • Reinforce the connection between various Science disciplines.
  • Increase student achievement on standardized tests.
  • Improve Math and Writing skills through interdisciplinary assessments.

New Jersey Student Learning Standards - Science

Department Grading Policy

  • 90% Labs, Projects, Quizzes, Tests; 10% Homework

Library Research Guide

Supervisor of Science:
Jason Lerner
Phone: (973) 228-1200, ext. 1366