Gifted and Talented Services

Gifted & Talented Services

West Essex Regional School District offers services for its Gifted and Talented students that include, but are not limited to: MS Gifted and Talented Club, enrichment seminars, competitions, research projects, curricular modifications, differentiated instruction, course level placement (Honors, AP, Dual Enrollment), supplemental resources, summer enrichment programs, independent studies.

Students are eligible for G&T services based on multiple criteria that may include: standardized test scores, course grades, academic achievements, performances, creativity, talent portfolios, observations, staff and parent recommendations. Teachers, support staff, and administrators have a shared responsibility for identifying G&T students and notifying students/parents of the services and opportunities provided by the West Essex Regional School District.

Policies and Procedures
More information on the district's policy and procedures regarding Gifted and Talented Students can be found in Board Policy 2464

Additional Resources
National Association for Gifted Children
 - Programming Standards
 - Resources for Parents

New Jersey Association for Gifted Children
 - Parent Page
New Jersey Department of Education
 - FAQ

Questions, Concerns, Complaints
If you have questions about instructional modifications needed to appropriately challenge your child, you may reach out to your child's teacher(s) and school counselor. If you have further concerns, you may contact the school's principal. For any unresolved issues, please put your concerns/complaint in writing by emailing Ryan Gupta, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, with a copy to the superintendent.