Parent Portal Information

Parent Portal Guidelines & Help Information

The portal will allow you to see your child’s demographic information, attendance, discipline, report card, and gradebook. Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Please keep your password confidential.
  • Expect a reasonable amount of time for grade posting, keeping in mind that preparing lessons is the first priority. In addition, expect differences in posting time between content areas.
  • Be aware of the fact that an average may not be the exact average as grades fluctuate based on the weight of the assignment. For example, if several homework assignments are posted (which have little weight) followed by a major test grade, the student’s average could have a significant change.
  • If you have a question about a grade, speak to your child first. There may be a situation of which your child is aware and may save you from making a call to a teacher.
  • Remember: The grade book for each teacher will be current eight (8) times a year: interims & marking period. These dates are listed on the home & school calendar. Teachers have 3 school days following the end of the grading period in which to post all grading period grades. For example, the home and school calendar shows the end of the middle school mid-marking period to be October 8th. All grades for that marking period in the middle school will be posted by October 14th.
  • Grades are not finalized until the end of the marking period.

We look forward to our continued partnership and our district’s move toward enhanced communication between home and school.

Registration for Genesis Gradebook Parent Portal

Registration for the Genesis Gradebook Parent Portal is necessary for our technology department to set up a user name and password, giving you access to your child’s attendance, grades, and discipline.

If you have not registered, you may still do so. Once our technology department has created a user name and password for you, you will receive an e-mail with your login and password giving you access to our parent portal. Expect to receive the e-mail within a week of registering.

To register, you need your child’s student ID number which can be found on your child’s schedule, report card, or interim report. The following are the steps you need to take in order to register for the parent portal:

  • Click the link entitled Parent Portal Registration Form
  • Follow the instructions, but remember to have your child’s student ID available before going on-line.
  • Please return the completed form to the Guidance Office.

Note: When you receive the log-in e-mail, there is the possibility that it may go into your junk e-mail folder. Therefore, please check both your in-box and your junk e-mail folder for this message.