Medical Policy & Make Up Assignment

Physical Education Medical Policy

  1.  Students experiencing ANY medical concerns must communicate with their teacher.
  2. A parent/guardian note must be presented to teacher and will excuse student from P.E. for up to three days. You will remain in P.E. To receive participation credit for the day, you will be required to complete an assignment during that class period.
  3. Any medical condition, injury, or illness extending to more than three consecutive days will require a note from a physician. The note will be presented to the school nurse.
  4. Any student whose medical excuse covers a week or more will complete the department’s weekly medically excused assignment. The assignments are due at the end of the week and will be graded. These can be found on your teacher’s Google Classroom.


Physical Education Makeup Assignment

Since you were unable to physically participate in Physical Education for an excused reason, you still must complete an alternative assignment for an opportunity to receive the 5 points you missed while unable to participate. One goal of our Health and Physical Education department is to help our students become Health Literate young adults.
Health literacy is the knowledge of health information needed to make good choices about your health.

For this assignment, you will chose a current and relevant article that interests you from a reputable news source (Internet, a newspaper, or a magazine) and write a one paragraph summary and a one paragraph reaction to the article. Please follow expectation guidelines below to make sure you receive full credit. This work should be emailed to your teacher by the end of the class period.

Topics: Physical Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Fitness, or Wellness

Article Review Guidelines

Each article review is worth 5 points

Break out of grading profile



  1. Include the following in your header; Name, Date, Class Period, title of article, and the date you did not participate in class.

  2. The summary and reflection needs to be in paragraph form, which contains a topic sentence, and enough sentences to support it effectively.

  3. Article must be from a valid source.

  4. Citing your source:The source(hyperlink) or printed copy of the article


First Paragraph


General overview or summary of the article you selected.   You must address the 3 questions below within your paragraph (2pts each)

  1. What is the main topic of the article?

  2. Who is involved?/ Who does it affect? How does this affect you?

  3. How might this information be used by teens/society?


Second Paragraph


Write a reflection about the information presented in the article. You must address the 4 questions below within your paragraph

  1. Why did you choose this article?  

  2. What are your personal feelings/reactions to this article?

  3. What are a few things you learned from reading this article?

  4. Do you agree or disagree with the information presented in your article?


Late article  will lose 10% per day