Grading Policy

60% - Participation
25%-  Cognitive Assessments
15% - Social Responsibility

Unprepared for class activity = zero (-5 off weekly grade and final average)

5 Point Daily Grading System:

  1.  Students are assessed each day on 5 point grading scale with potential of earning 20 points each week. Each student will participate in a daily warm-up, a weekly fitness day, and various activity units per marking period.
    • 1 point for punctuality
    • 2 points for daily warm up’s
    • 2 points for participation which encompasses personal effort, following class rules, demonstrating respect amongst teacher and peers, and abiding by safety procedures.
  2. Unexcused missed class (CUT) - loss of credit for the day and school handbook procedures will be followed regarding disciplinary action.
  3. Tardy- Students who have at the locker room after it has been locked will not be allowed to participate and will be required to complete an alternate assignment due the following day to receive credit.
  4. If a student receives a zero because they are unprepared or for class misconduct- they will not participate and receive a -5 for the day and 15/20 for the week.
  5. Updated grades will be posted to Genesis weekly.
  6. Five zeros will result in failure for the marking period, each zero will significantly detract from your marking period average.