West Essex Community Support

The following page has been set up to house information about social and emotional support as well as resources in order to help reduce stress and keep mentally healthy during times of crisis. We are all processing, in different ways, the changes that have impacted our every-day routines, the effect of receiving daily information about the Coronavirus and the transition to adapting to remote learning in response to this emerging situation.

Since the circumstances around the spread of Coronavirus are ever-changing, we will continue to update this page with any new resources that we might be able to provide. This page is an informational resource only.

Any urgent information or significant developments surrounding this issue will continue to be communicated through email and texts.

If you have an urgent concern about the well-being of your child(ren),  please contact your healthcare professional. If you have a general concern, please email your building Administrator and School Counselor so that they can connect with you directly to provide you with information and resources to support your needs.

We encourage you to review and try the available social and emotional supports and resources. Despite the stress and worry that may surround us, there is hope in using these supports to connect and support one another's mental health and well-being.