Peer Leadership Program

Peer Leadership Program
Posted on 07/02/2018
Peer Leadership:

The Boomerang Project “Link Crew” Program is a high school transition program that helps freshman feel welcome and comfortable during their first year of high school. On March 18th, 19th and 20th Mr. DIliberto, Ms. Perez and Ms. Cavallo attended 32 hours of training to become Coordinators for the program. They, in turn, will be training the other advisors this summer.

To become a Peer Leader students had to complete an application and take part in a group interview process. The goal of the interviews was to select students with diverse interests in different areas of school. The students that were chosen were students of character who understand and welcome the responsibility of being a mentor and leader to our new freshmen.
The selection process for the ambassadors included two rounds. The first was an application that interested students had to submit. The second round was an activity based group interview with High school Principal Mr. Diliberto, and teachers Ms Perez, Ms. McDonough, Ms. Zuppa. Ms. Tobia, Ms. Novalis, Ms Giampapa, Mr. Markey and Ms. Cavallo.

On June 6th the entire leadership team came together for the first time to enjoy a fun and interactive day of activities designed to familiarize the ambassadors with the groups they will be running during the freshman orientation . The activities were designed to help them understand the importance of the rolls they have accepted for the next year.

In late August the ambassadors will embark on a two-day training course that will include ten hours of a structured curriculum, along with various team building activities, designed to help them develop positive connections with one another. They will also learn communication and teamwork skills that will be necessary for the success of the program. Ambassadors will also learn how to facilitate small group sessions and will be given time to practice with their peers.

Most importantly, according to Ms. Toni-Anne Cavallo, is that the ambassadors will be prepared to officially kick off the program with Freshman Orientation on August 29th! This years orientation will be very different from previous years states Cavallo. Freshman will be welcomed to the school and encouraged to consider what path they will take during their next four years. During the orientation process freshman will learn who the ambassadors are, what their purpose is and what kind of support they will offer them throughout the school year. THe hope if that this program will bring together senior leaders from a broad social cross-section of the school with freshman students to develop a stronger sense of community here at West Essex. This positive support will guide incoming freshman towards academic and social successes, easing the transition period that can be stressful for many freshman.