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David Diehl speaks to West Essex baseball and softball players

David Diehl speaks with Varsity Baseball team

On Thursday, May 10th, David Diehl, the two time Super Bowl winning, All-Pro New York Giants offensive guard spoke to West Essex Baseball and Softball players about what it takes to be a leader and to be a success in life.

Coach Eric Johnson reached out to Mr. Diehl in an effort to help fulfill his goal of teaching his athletes that it takes more than physical skills to succeed.  Coach Johnson believes that it takes leadership skills, as well as physical skills, to make a winning team. He has been teaching this to his athletes all season. Physical practice and skills are only “a piece of the puzzle” according to Coach Johnson.  He believes that athletes need other skills in order to succeed as a team. He brought Mr. Diehl in to help him drive home that point.

Mr. Diehl talked to the audience about his background, his upbringing and about what motivates him. He told the students how grateful he is that he had opportunities from being an athlete that he would never have had he not been  involved in sports. He talked about his “return on investment” in himself. He worked hard as an athlete in high school which enabled him to get a scholarship and attend the University of Illinois. David told the students to use the acronym “SCORE” for themselves. S- self discipline C-concentration O - optimism R-relax E -enjoy.  He explained each one of them to the students and stressed the importance of “making your bed each morning” and writing down your goals. “A goal is only a dream until you write it down”. With leadership comes accountability. Mr. Diehl is a detail oriented planner. If you write your plan down you always know if you are available to do things. “Don’t be a maybe guy.  Be organized so you can say YES or NO” to things that are asked of you.

His talk was followed up with a question and answer session where the students and coaches were able to ask him about his career.  During this session David was able to stress the importance of being outside yourself. He said that “everything you do makes a difference”  It’s about what you do not who you are.”  The students asked a lot of questions about who Diehl’s favorite coaches and teammates were which he graciously answered.  He said that a team is a brother (or sister)hood. “A team is there for eachother” no matter what the circumstance. You accomplish everything  “as a team”. You “win or lose as a team”.

David Diehl  speaks to Softball Captain  Former NFL Athlete David Diehl addresses audience
Softball Captains Julia Vardiman, Lily James and Alexa Apito with Mr. Diehl
Varsity baseball players and Coach Johnson talk with Daivd Diehl Diehl talks to athletes and coaches  Coach Johnson listens as David Diehl talks with Varsity Baseball Players