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Makers Day A Success


WE Makers Day was fantastic!  There is definitely interest in this Maker Culture!  The turnout was excellent and the smiles from the little kids were precious!  The young makers created bird feeders and piggie banks by repurposing a plastic water bottle with Ms. Wall and Dr. Bruffy.  Some of the older students escaped the break out room with Mrs. Zuhl.  Mr. Shea challenged students to control a robot through an obstacle course.  Mr. Gupta and Professor Shawn Chester hosted a bridge design challenge complete with prizes.  Ms. Sweeney had students take apart objects such as a printer, toy cars, and disposable cameras to explore how they operate.  Mrs. Ricafort taught students about circuit design to create a greeting card that brightened someone’s day.  Rachel Mintz, Julia Gesell, and Josephine Salluce volunteered to help facilitate the events, as did many members of the MS STEM Club, HS STEM Club, Robotics Club, WE Care members, and the pre-Med club members.  
Thank you to all the students and faculty that hosted a Maker session!  

Thank you Ms. Louise Fredo, for documenting the day!  Thank you to Mrs. Lisa Tamburri for greeting our guests!  We wouldn't be able to do any of this without the support of Mrs. Barbara Longo!

Thank you!!  It was a special day for all of us!
Thank you to all of the families that attended the event!  We look forward to hosting you again next year.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions to Elizabeth Ricafort, Instructional Supervisor of Science, via email or survey Makers Day Survey