• Facility Usage at the
    West Essex Regional School District Campus

    First, thank you for your interest in utilizing the wonderful facilities
    at the West Essex Regional Schools' campus!
    If you would prefer to download and print the Facility Usage Application package for submission, please use the link in the left-hand menu. Otherwise, please continue to the online Facility Usage Request below.

    Directions in Submitting a Facility Usage Request
    Before proceeding to the online Facility Usage Request Form, please review the following information:
     Updated March 2014
    (This policy includes pertinent pricing data.)
    Additionally, once you have completed the online application below, you will be required to print and submit the district's Indemnification Insurance Waiver with an original signature. Accompanying this document should be your organization's Certificate of Insurance Liability. Without this information on file, your request will not be considered.
    These documents should be mailed or hand-delivered to:
    West Essex Regional School District
    Board of Education Office
    c/o Donna Coco
    65 West Greenbrook Road
    North Caldwell, NJ 07006
    Online Facility Usage Application
    (Please use 387009536 for Building Code)
    (Also, Please use westessex as your password when you fill out the application. Thank you!)