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West Essex Green Team
Posted on 03/10/2020
alt=img alt=" "The Green Team is now active at West Essex High School.

The Green Team is part of The Sustainable Jersey program that includes nearly 400 Green Teams.  The purpose of these teams is to support the creation of a sustainable community.  The focus is on completing actions required for Sustainable Jersey Certification. Forming a “green team” is the first step in establishing a school sustainability program. Participation in this program is voluntary.

The West Essex Green Team is made up of over 20  administrators, teachers,students, staff members and Board members.  The kick off meeting took place this past November and centered around getting organized, creating goals and objectives, and creating sub-committees.  
The Team is working closely with Student Clubs, courses, organizations and faculty members specifically, Multi- Cultural Club, STEM and WE Care, AP Environmental Science, and the Health & Wellness Committee.

In order to become certified schools must complete and document actions from a specific list provided by Sustainable Jersey Schools.  Some of the anticipated actions of the Green Team include:

Energy Audit
Climate and Culture Survey
School Carbon Footprint
Waste Audit
Healthy Food Choices
School Gardens
Outdoor Classroom
Biodiversity Audit
Biodiversity Project
Lesson inclusions and adjustments that fall under the Student Learning action

At the March 2nd High School Staff meeting the Green Team reported on these specific actions:

1. On March 25th  Mr. Diliberto will be conducting a school-wide waste audit.  
2. Ms. Westervelt (Sustainability Initiative) has distributed a Climate and Culture survey to students, staff and parents to help determine the next steps to a positive and healthy school environment.
3 Ms. Cavallo (School wellness). Spoke about student health.  The school is now offering options for students during lunch periods. After they eat lunch and want to leave the cafeteria students have the option of going to:
Quiet Space (room 706)
Outdoors (seasonal)
Recharge (room 514) where there is a relaxing music playing, chromebook free, aromatherapy, salt lamps, coloring, yoga mats
Open Gym Activities
4. Ms. Pleznitzer presented on Staff Wellness.  She has initiated a Wellness Newsletter with tons of great information and links  about health and wellness.
5. Ms. Blanchard has started the “Salad Club '' amongst the staff to help promote healthy eating and socializing with coworkers.
6. Student James Joanow presented on the School Gardens.  The gardens will be located in the cafeteria courtyard and will have raised beds.  The gardens will provide vegetables to be used throughout the school and will be maintained over the summer by the summer program.
7. Abigail Boggier and Emma Saccone are both members of the STEM club.  They are working on 2 outdoor classrooms for students to access during the school day. The goals are to be hands on with nature and to get a break outside without chromebooks.
8. Brianna Puorro, Avery Lieberman, Maya Carpenter presented on the Biodiversity Audit/Project.           
 9.   A butterfly garden is being built in the courtyard by the 700 wing.

The West Essex Green Team has many projects going and is off to a great start! 

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Mr, Diliberto will be conducting a school-wide waste-audit.

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STEM Club members Abigail Boggier and Emma Saccone report on the plan for outdoor classrooms.

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Ms. Cavallo explains how we are promoting student health and wellness with lunch -time options.