Superintendent's Letter - March 21, 2021

Superintendent's Letter - March 21, 2021
Posted on 03/22/2021

March 21, 2021 

Dear West Essex Families, 

As you know, Friday, April 2 through Sunday, April 11 is spring break. All individuals traveling must notify the school nurse and follow the quarantine guidelines, which are effective April 1, prior to returning to school:

  • After Day 10 without testing and if no symptoms have been reported during daily monitoring (includes vaccinated individuals).
  •  After Day 7 if the individual tests negative with a viral test (molecular-PCR or antigen) between day 5-7 and if no symptoms were reported during daily monitoring.
  •  People who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 3 months and recovered do not need to quarantine or get tested again during that three-month period as long as they do not develop new symptoms (must provide laboratory confirmed test results).

On March 19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised physical distancing recommendations to reflect at least 3 feet between students in classrooms and provided clearer guidance when a greater distance (such as 6 feet) is recommended. However, in areas of high community transmission, middle and high school students should be 6 feet apart. In addition, the CDC recommends maintaining 6 feet of distance in the following settings:

  • Between adults (teachers and staff), and between adults and students, at all times in the school building. 
  •  When masks cannot be worn, such as when eating.
  • During activities when increased exhalation occurs, such as singing, shouting, band, or sports and exercise.
  • In common areas such as school lobbies and auditoriums.

Despite the recent changes to the CDC guidelines, our District will continue to follow the recommendations of the New Jersey Department of Health.  As of today, no such changes have been made to their social distancing guidelines. Furthermore, our Northeast region overall remains at the high risk level; therefore, our District will continue to maintain 6 feet social distancing standards within our buildings. 

As indicated in my March 16 correspondence, the Genesis Questionnaire was distributed earlier this week asking for your commitment to either full-time remote learning or in-person hybrid instruction. You can expect to receive the marking period 4 calendar and cohort schedule on or about Thursday, April 1.

As always, we appreciate your support and cooperation.


Damion Macioci Superintendent of Schools