Board of Education

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    • Please note that the 2018 board meeting calendar has been approved. To view when upcoming board meetings will be held, please click here.



    Board Members

    Name Office Town Email Address
    Judith Amorim Dias   North Caldwell jdias@westex.org
    Cynthia Egan  Vice-President Fairfield cegan@westex.org
    Anne Fahey   Essex Fells afahey@westex.org
    Anthony Prinzo   North Caldwell aprinzo@westex.org
    Anthony Rubinich    Fairfield  ajrubini@westex.org
    Deborah Sacco-Calderone President Roseland dsacco@westex.org
    Dawn Smith   Roseland dsmith@westex.org
    Kristin Wells   Fairfield  kwells@westex.org
    Maryadele Wojtowicz   North Caldwell mwojtowi@westex.org

    Contact Information:
    Board of Education Office
    West Greenbrook Road
    North Caldwell, New Jersey 07006
    Telephone: (973) 228-1200


    Fax: (973) 228-0559