Superintendent's Message 6-4-20

Superintendent's Message- June 4th, 2020
Posted on 06/05/2020
June 4, 2020

Dear West Essex Families,

The tragic death of George Floyd has prompted a myriad of emotions including sadness and anger across our nation.  We share the pain and resentment so many Americans in our country are feeling and expressing, especially those individuals who have been directly impacted by racial injustice.  Our school community endorses all efforts to improve and promote equality.

The West Essex Regional School District is guided by the following core values: 

>Discrimination in all its forms is unacceptable and ignorant.

>Abuse of authority is despicable and the antithesis of all American values.

>The First Amendment is an inalienable right of all American citizens.

>Violence is counter-productive to the progress of any movement, and frequently most devastating to those it purports to champion.   

>Solidarity among our school community is essential to enacting lasting reform and promoting equal rights and justice for all victims of racism.

At West Essex, we will continue our mission to promote a healthy, inclusive school environment.  As educators, it’s our responsibility to teach our students to respect cultural differences, demonstrate empathy, and communicate effectively.  Engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing new ideas and perspectives, and learning from each other are critical in our efforts to help students better shape our society. 

Regardless of our physical distance, we remain available to our students, staff and families to provide whatever assistance we can during these challenging times.

Thank you for your continued support.


Damion Macioci, Superintendent of Schools