CULINARY ARTS I CPA (Grades 9-12)                                                                     
    Credits 5
    Prerequisite: None Culinary Arts I is an entry level course in food and nutrition. It encompasses safety, sanitation, nutrition,  use of equipment, and principles of measurement. The course will cover food preparation techniques in  some or all of the following areas: grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, eggs and meat. There will  be an emphasis on time management, safety, nutrition and meal planning, including the significance of food  as it relates to various cultures. The students plan, prepare, and serve foods representing various regions of  the United States. This class includes a balance of class work, demonstration, and hand-on experiences.
    CULINARY ARTS II CPA (Grades 10-12)                                                                            
    Credits 5
    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Culinary Arts I Culinary Arts II is designed for students who desire to advance their skills in the culinary field. Students will  learn advanced food preparation skills while improving their time management skills.  This course focuses on  the planning, preparation and service of all meal courses from appetizers to desserts.  Students will explore all  forms of recipes as they select specific recipes based upon the meal course of study.  This class involves research  and study of food preparation, demonstrations and hands on experiences. 
    FOOD AND SPORTS NUTRITION CPA (Grades 11 and 12)                                                     
    Credits 5
    Prerequisite: None A healthy lifestyle, incorporating well-balanced eating and physical activity are key factors to an individual’s overall  sense of wellness. Food and Sports Nutrition is designed to inform, challenge, and guide the eating patterns of  the student in a healthy format. The course will provide the opportunity to study nutrition, fitness,  weight management, eating disorders, the relationship between nutrition and sports, and how all this can optimize  athletic performance. This class includes a balance of class work, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences.