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    BAND CPA – CONCERT BAND and WIND ENSEMBLE (Grades 9-12, All Welcome) 
    BAND HONORS – CONCERT BAND and WIND ENSEMBLE (Grades 10-12, Audition Required)

    Credits 5                                                                          
    Band is a course designed to meet the musical needs of all wind and percussion players in grades 9 through 12.  
    Emphasis is placed on the continuation of the development of the students’ musical skills from their experience in
    the Middle School Band Program. Students will gain knowledge of music literature and performance techniques
    from a variety of time periods and styles. 
    New students who possess a strong work ethic are always welcome to
    join band during their high school years. 
    Members of the band are strongly encouraged to participate in all aspects
    of the program (Co-Curricular andExtra-Curricular offerings), and are required to attend weekly group lessons,
    concerts, dress rehearsals, festival adjudications, and High School Graduation. 
    There are three components of the Band Program for all CPA and Honors Students:
    Instrumental Group Lessons -- All band students receive instruction on their instrument once per week in the small 
    group lesson program. The lessons develop necessary skills that allow each student to benefit from the ensemble
    Embouchure, breath control, tone, note and rhythm reading, technique, articulation and musicianship
    are studied.
    *All Band Students will be recommended by their director for one of the two below Concert Ensembles, which meet 
    during two separate periods on the school day. 
    Concert Band -- The Concert Band is the first tier in the two-tier band system.  Concert Band is geared towards 
    students whose skills are developing, and provides an experience for those who are pursuing a higher level of skill
    and musical understanding. 
    The music performed is of the best quality but requires less technical skill than the music
    in the Wind Ensemble. 
    Wind Ensemble -- This performing group is the second tier of the two-tier band system, and is comprised of the 
    most advanced band students. 
    The Wind Ensemble studies and performs the best literature available for the band
    Students must possess advanced techniques and a strong desire to make music with others at the highest
    possible level.
    Students taking band at the Honors level will have additional responsibilities beyond the CPA level band class. 
    These responsibilities include a combination of journal writing, guided reading, musical experiences outside of
    school, participation in after school music ensembles, preparation for Area Band, Region Band, and All-State
    Band, and preparation of level-appropriate
    solo repertoire. Students electing to take band at the honors level
    must successfully complete an honors audition to be held in the spring of the prior school year.  


    We are pleased to offer three extra-curricular ensembles to our Wind Players and Percussionists.  Please see below for details. 


    Rehearses every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00-9:30pm, beginning January 9.  The season will last until the beginning of May.  This is a competitive group that will practice and perform on weekends during the competition season (March – May).  Students will need to purchase uniforms – Approximate cost $100 as well as any sticks/mallets needed for the show.  Fundraising opportunities will be available to help offset costs.


    Rehearses every Wednesday from 6:00-8:00pm, beginning January 8.  Seating auditions will take place December 11 at 6:00pm.  The group will last from December – May.  They will perform at various concerts, adjudicated festivals, and public performances throughout the school year both in and out of school.


    Please understand that your commitment to each of these organizations is extremely important.  Students must attend all rehearsals and performances.  Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the group, which has a large impact on the other students involved and may impact Honors status for the following school year.  Check your schedules (Sports/Family/Religious) now and communicate all conflicts with your instructor as soon as possible.  Last minute excuses are not acceptable.