• Last Name First Name Position Telephone Email Address Website
    Longo Barbara Superintendent of Schools ext. 3100 blongo@westex.org https://www.westex.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=39
    Kida Melissa Business Administrator / Board Secretary ext. 3108 mkida@westex.org
    Popat Vee Middle School Principal ext. 3300 vpopat@westex.org https://www.westex.org/Page/4762
    Gupta Ryan Director of Curriculum and Instruction ext. 3366 rgupta@westex.org https://www.westex.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=36
    Hoebee Juliann High School Assistant Principal ext. 1200 jhoebee@westex.org
    Diliberto Caesar High School Principal ext. 1200 cdiliber@westex.org
    Tamburri Lisa Middle School Assistant Principal ext. 3331 ltamburr@westex.org
    Symmons Tania Director of Special Services ext. 1228 tsymmons@westex.org https://www.westex.org/Page/2743
    Casais Stacy Instructional Supervisor of English, Reading and Library ext. 1367 scasais@westex.org https://www.westex.org/Page/6564
    Longo Dana Instructional Supervisor of Mathematics & Business ext. 1369 dlongo@westex.org https://www.westex.org/Page/35
    Drago Laura Instructional Supervisor of Social Studies & World Languages ext. 1365 ldrago@westex.org https://www.westex.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=34
    Minnella Anthony Director of Athletics, Health and Physical Education ext. 1263 aminnell@westex.org https://www.westex.org/Page/32
    Ricafort Elizabeth Instructional Supervisor of Science & Environmental Safety ext. 1366 ericafor@westex.org https://www.westex.org/Page/2744
    Swanick Lisa Supervisor of Fine, Performing and Practical Arts ext. 1248 lswanick@westex.org https://www.westex.org/Page/5957
    Burrows Scott Director of Technology ext. 1203 sburrows@westex.org https://www.westex.org/Page/5958
    Hulse Lisa Supervisor of Guidance and Student Services ext. 1220 bciereman@westex.org
    Macioci Damion Assistant Principal High School ext. 1230 dmacioci@westex.org