About The Nurse

SCHOOL NURSES: Paula Frisch, BS, RN, CSN ( High School) & Denise Logan, RN, M.Ed., CSN (Middle School)

SCHOOL: West Essex Regional School District

SCHOOL PHONE: 973-228-1200 Ext . 240 for the High School & Ext. 340 for the Middle School

About The Nurse

School Nursing is a specialzed practice of professional nursing that advances the well being, academic 
success, and life-long achievement of students. To that end, school nurses facilitate positive student 
responses to normal development: promote health and safety: intervene with actual and potential health 
problems: and actively collaborate with others to build students and family capacity for adaptation, 
self-managememt, self-advocacy, and learning.

Goals of the School Health Services Program

Welcome to our web site. Our goal is to provide families with an access to health information. You will find
policies regarding medications, absences, and immunizations. We will also be providing some updated 
health information as often as we are able. We hope you will find this site to be a helpful resource.
Healthy Children are Learners. The primary function of the certified school nurse is to strengthen the educational 
process through improvement and promotion of student health. Some of the ways this is accomplished are 
through the following: 
1. Vision, Auditory,B/P,Scoliosis screenings,Height and Weight measurements. 
2. Administration of Medications (see medication guidelines on this site) 
3. Determinations regarding school attendance due to illness or injury.
4. Illness, injury assessments and interventions, including first aid. 
5. Health counseling
Student Expectations
Get a Good Night's Sleep 
Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Come to School Physically and Mentally Prepared to Work