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March Students of the Month

Pictured left to right:  Ryan Polizzi, Zachary Lieberman, Andrew Shih and Mr. Vee Popat
Ryan Polizzi - 7A: According to teachers, seventh grader Ryan Polizzi exemplifies the definition of a WEST ESSEX KNIGHT.  He is an interested, involved and curious student who wants to learn for the sake of learning, not just to know what is on the test or to earn the good grades.  Ryan is polite, honest and funny and is always quick to add some insight and humor to the classroom.
Zachary Lieberman - 7B: Zachary Lieberman is one of the most inquisitive, creative, humble, and respectful students in the entire seventh grade.  He advocates for himself and has an innate drive to succeed both in and out of the classroom.  He has a genuine passion for learning in all subjects and goes above and beyond the expectations of his teachers.  Zach always strives to be the hardest working person he knows. 
Andrew Shih - 7C:  Andrew Shih is a winning combination of attitude, respect, and achievement.  He has great work ethic and an awesome sense of humor.  In class, his teachers rely on him to take initiative, contribute, and understand the nuances of content and meaning of the subjects at hand.  Both his teachers and his peers admire his ability to achieve balance in all aspects of his middle school life.  
Pictured left to right:  Mr. Vee Popat, Jimmy Romano, Veronica Mierzwa and Julia Zon
Jimmy Romano - 8A:  Jimmy Romano was not only recommended for this honor by his teachers but also by some of his classmates who recognize his efforts.  According to his teachers Jimmy is proactive about getting his work done, he is diligent about submitting quality work, and is always willing to help his classmates when they need it.
Veronica Mierzwa - 8B: Veronica is a mature young woman who is always willing to help a fellow student.  She is kind, compassionate, and considerate, and she possesses all the leadership qualities we seek as a Knight.  Veronica exudes positivity into the classroom. She consistently does her best.
Julia Zon - 8C: Julia is a pleasure to teach always arriving to class eager and willing to work.  According to her teachers, she continually strives for perfection and her efforts are reflected in her grades.  Julia is a wonderful public speaker and thrives during oral presentations.  Her preparation and hard work should be commended.