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Congratulations to our Governor's Educator of the Year Nominees and Winners

Pictured from right to left: back row:  HS Principal Caesar Diliberto, Gabe Bauer, Amanda Procaccino, Tracy Longo, Virginia Dunphy, Jenny Thom-Carroll, Rachel Ciottariello, Chris Hermosilla, Maureen Anzalone, Alan Woodword, Bonny Jing, Patricia McCarthy, Jessica DiMarco, Kathleen Morrissey, Shannon Corcoran, Lisa Hulse and MS Principal Vee Popat
Pictured front row:  Daniella Colabelli, Cyndy McDonough, Marjorie Jameson, Deanna Lippi and Lorna Danckwerth
West Essex made the day of four dedicated education professionals on Monday, January 16th when they were presented with awards for their service.  Cyndy McDonough was chosen for the 2016-2017 High School Governor's Educator of the Year Award winner. The nominees were Gabe Bauer, Daniela Colabelli, Lorna Danckwerth, Virginia Dunphy, Margorie Jameson, Deanna Lippi, Amanda Procaccino, Jenny Thom-Carroll, Chris Hermosilla and Alan Woodworth.  

HS Gov winners 2016-2017  
Pictured:  Cyndy McDonough, Principal Caesar Diliberto and Tracy Longo 

Also in the High School, Tracy Longo was chosen for the 2016-2017 Governor's Educational Services Professional of the Year. The other nominees were Al Longden, Karen Zaretsky and Rachel Ciottariello.  
 MS Gov winner 2016-2017
                                                                                      Pictured:  Shannon Corcoran, Principal Vee Popat and Lisa Hulse
In the Middle School,  Shannon Corcoran was chosen as the 2016-2017 West Essex Middle School Governor's Educator of the Year award. The nominees were Jessica DiMarco, Patricia McCarthy and Kathleen Morrissey.  
The Middle School Governor's Educational Service Professional of the Year was awarded to Lisa Hulse.  The other nominee was Maureen Anzalone.   
All the awards were presented by High School Principal Caesar Diliberto and Middle School Principal Vee Popat.  They each received a special certificate and the winners received flowers and a crystal apple.  

The NJ Department of Education has integrated the New Jersey Teacher of the Year Program and the Governor's Teacher/Educational Services Professionals Recognition Program into the Governor's Educator of the Year Program.  This updated program highlights educational innovation, student achievement, the rewards of teaching and important services outside the classroom environment that lead to student success.