District Evaluation System

In accordance with the state requirements outlined in the AchieveNJ initiative, the West Essex Regional School District adopted a new teacher/principal evaluation system. To oversee the development and implementation of the new evaluation system, West Essex created a District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC) that represents all of the stakeholders involved: teachers, building administrators, district administrators, parents, and the Board of Education.

For our new teacher evaluation system, the DEAC committee collaborated and agreed upon the following:

  • Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Effective Teaching was selected as the assessment rubric for teachers.
  • Teachscape was selected as the online program to collect, maintain, and analyze data obtained from observations. 
  • The 4 evaluation ratings will be 1=Unsatisfactory, 2=Developing, 3=Proficient, 4=Distinguished
  • All evaluators were trained and passed an online proficiency exam through Teachscape to assure inter-rater reliability.
  • Teachers voluntarily piloted the new evaluation system in January of 2013.
  • Beginning Feb. 13, 2013, all teacher observations were conducted using the Danielson rubric and Teachscape online program.
  • Interim and Annual Performance Reports will be written on modified versions of the existing forms.

AchieveNJ also requires that Student Growth Objectives (SGOs) be included in the evaluation of all teachers. Every teacher was required to develop 2 SGOs each. However, 7th and 8th grade teachers of Math and English/Reading were only required to develop 1 SGO each because a portion of their evaluation is based on Student Growth Percentile which will be calculated by the state. All SGOs were developed with the guidance of the content supervisors and must be approved by the building principals no later than November 15th.

For the principal evaluation system, West Essex chose to use the Multidimensional Principal Performanc Rubric (MPPR) developed by Learner-Centered Initiatives. The MPPR rubric is a state-approved evaluation tool and has been integrated into the Teachscape online program.

To oversee activities linked to teacher evaluation and effectiveness (and in accordance with AchieveNJ), West Essex formed School Improvement Panels (ScIP) at both the Middle and High Schools. Their responsibilities include: ensuring that evaluation procedures and corrective action plans are implemented, identifying PD opportunities for staff members, and overseeing the mentorship of new teachers. The ScIPs meet independently and also collaborate with our district’s Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC).

On March 26, 2014, our DEAC accepted the following NJ Standard weightings for the 4 domains of Danielson's rubric:
Domain 1: 20%
Domain 2: 30%
Domain 3: 30%
Domain 4: 20%

The committee also agreed to use Teachscape's Summative Evaluation form in lieu of the document previously used for Annual Performance Reports.